Choose Heavenly Beauties for an unparalleled beauty experience, where memberships and packages not only deliver exceptional results but also ensure you make the most of your investment. Transform your beauty routine and savings simultaneously with our exclusive offerings.

Loyalty Rewards Programs

  • Point Conversion: 1 Point = $1

  • Points can be redeemed towards future services.

  • To participate, you must have completed a minimum of a paid Assessment or purchased a Demo/ Introductory service at HBS.

  • Earn 50 VIP points when you refer a friend and they purchase $149+. They’ll receive $50 towards their first purchase, benefiting both you and your friend.

  • Pre-Booking Online: Get rewarded with 1 VIP point for pre-booking your appointments online.

  • Earn 10 points for every $500 spent on services and 5 points for every $100 spent on products.

VIP Membership Programs

Unlock substantial savings with Heavenly Beauties’ exclusive memberships, allowing you to save over $10,000+ on premium services. Tailored for individuals committed to enhancing two or more body parts monthly within a limited timeframe, our memberships offer flexibility with 3, 6, or 12-month options.

Dive into a world of beauty and savings as our memberships not only provide exceptional value but also come with varying expiration dates to suit your preferences. Opt for a membership, and experience the following benefits:

  • 3-Month Membership: Unlock savings, enjoy multiple sessions, and witness visible transformations within the allotted time.

  • 6-Month Membership: Extend your beauty journey with extended savings, catering to your specific goals and preferences.

  • 12-Month Membership: Maximize your savings while achieving long-lasting beauty enhancements with a full year of access to our premium services.

Bundled Savings

Alternatively, explore our Bundled Packages with varied expiration timelines based on the number of sessions:

  • 1-4 Sessions: Valid for 60 Days
  • 5-8 Sessions: Extended to 180 Days
  • 10-14 Sessions: Enjoy flexibility with a 270-Day expiration
  • 15-30 Sessions: Benefit from a full year of access with a 365-Day expiration

February 2024 specials

  • CSBS/OBS/CST | 30 Min Session (New Member Only) – $50
  • Buy 1, Get 1 50% OFF: Any CryoSkin Body Sculpting (CSBS) or CryoSkin Body Sculpting (CSBS)
  • 10% OFF 3 Month Memberships
  • 15% OFF 6 Month Memberships
  • 25% OFF 12 Month Memberships